Top tips for landlords

Always present the property to a potential tenant in the way you would expect it to be treated and returned to you

  • Higher rents can be achieved
  • Tenants are likely to stay longer
  • Downtime/empty periods are kept to a minimum avoiding lost rent
  • It makes the initial inventory, the starting point of any tenancy, much easier to do and much clearer for both the landlord and the tenant
  • It will encourage the tenants and make it easier for them to maintain the standards
  • It will also make it easier for any potential issues to be spotted on property inspections enabling things to be actioned sooner

Deal with maintenance issues

  • A problem ignored is a problem increased
  • Always do the job properly, it may be more expensive in the first place but will save you money in the long run
  • Tenants are less likely to move on because the landlord is not getting things fixed
  • It’s your investment after all and it needs to be looked after

Regular Rent Reviews

  • Make sure that the rent is looked at periodically to ensure you are achieving a realistic income for your investment
  • Some agents/landlords move a tenant in and do not keep an eye on the market meaning that your investment will not be performing to its maximum potential

Property inspections

  • Property inspections are one of the most important and useful things you can do – they give you an idea of how your tenant is treating the property
  • Maintenance issues can spotted if they have not been reported meaning potential damage/cost can be avoided
  • Any maintenance work carried out already can be inspected


  • No matter how trivial, keep notes of every phone call, conversation, email and any letters, correspondence or notices sent to and received from the tenant – in an ideal world you will never need to refer to it. However, if you need it and it’s not available it will significantly affect any deposit claim you intend to make in the future.
  • Make sure you are on top of all legislation changes as the slightest amendment can affect the tenancy and how it can or should be dealt with both legally and financially.

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